Sunday, January 13, 2013

Undecided's first entry

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My blog title says it all. I am a very undecided person. Don't know where my life is going. I have no dreams. No friends to tell my problems. No friends who remembers me. Maybe because I don't remember them. Blame it to myself.

I thought about being detached. Not being able to be searched. Let them find me. If they really care, they will find me. I know, it's such a selfish thing to say. Though I believe that what you give is what you'll receive. Right now, I'm not giving but I'm expecting something. What does that make me?

I did mention that I have no dreams. I can't see where I'll be five years from now. For me, it is the saddest thing ever. Like, I have no purpose in living. I'm not alive, I'm just existing. Not even a piece of the chess game. Maybe I'm just a spectator of the world. Meant to roam around and not meant to stay in one place.

I'm getting melodramatic here. I must change the subject.

I just want to share this song. I'm currently listening to it, like on repeat! It's a song from Pixie Lott featuring GD and TOP (GD and TOP is a member of the Korean boy band, Big Bang) For all of you that isn't familiar with K-Pop, this is BIGBANG:

And this is the video of the song, "Dancing On My Own - Pixie Lott featuring GD and TOP":

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