Monday, July 13, 2015

Causing Trouble

This is an unexpected blog post. Just needed to vent out what I am actually feeling right now.

The day went okay for me as I go to different places to canvas for an oven. I am still unemployed and planning to take on baking as something that I can maybe earn from. That is why lately I have been watching YouTube videos regarding baking cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. With that said, I convinced my mum to buy me an oven, blender and probably throw in some mixer there. But after browsing local stores and finding out that a stand mixer is much more expensive than I expected, I called it a day.

Ah! Back to WiFi nation (my house).

Finally connected to the internet again, I started chatting with my co-volunteers in the Line App, we have a group chat there. Those people included there are going to participate/volunteer in a fandom project for the concert of a famous K-Pop idol group. I feel elated to chat with those crazy fangirls. But, It did not last long though.

After an insane chat with new found friends in Line App, I decided to take a shower. The commute around the Metro leaves me dirty and sticky. I need cleansing so bad. I was still smiling and listening to K-Pop music while showering when suddenly a phone call interrupted my music. The number was not registered in my phone book, so I did not know who it was. I texted the number and found out that it was my cousin. When I answered the phone, the tone of her voice was serious. I was scared.

The call was regarding the unpaid balance of my terminated line which was under her name. She said that she received a letter that says something like this:

Dear Sir/Madam:

Your delinquent account with GLOBE TELECOM amounting to P3XXX.XX has been reffered to my office for legal action.

I have been instructed to bring legal action against you as may be necessary, which may affect on your credit reputation and you are blacklisted in CMAP.

The file indicates that you have failed or refused to pay the above claim.

Kindly comply with the terms and condition of the contract to avoid animosity and embarrassment arising from non-compliance within the grace period.

Your call legal Officer Mr. Ralph Santos at (02)962-3297, (02)961-5694,(02)294-6671,09175587798,09166604008 is important to hold legal action and to make appropriate payment arrangement for your account.

Please give this letter your most serious and preferential attention.


I only got this sample letter here. I think it's similar since the name of the attorney and the details that she told me over the phone are kind of similar. I already paid Globe the remaining outstanding balance. I admit that it took me three months to actually pay the whole bill. As I have said, I am currently unemployed and I am just relying on my allowance which is given by my parents.
am at fault with this. I felt so bad that I ruined her trust. She is one of my closest cousins but with this situation I do not know how our relationship would be towards each other now.

She asked me to call the law firm and tell them that I already settled my unpaid balance and to ask them to remove her from the blacklist. I will do this tomorrow. Definitely.

The emotions are overwhelming. I do admit that I am emotionally weak. I cried after I found out about this and I thought to myself that how can I survive the world when with this problem I am already bothered and curling into a fetal position.

Now, I am stressed about what I am going to say to the people that I will be talking to tomorrow. Wish me luck.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Globe GoSurf Problems

I recently terminated my postpaid plan from Globe TeleCom. It's quite liberating because I've been a postpaid user for 4 years now.

I decided to terminate my plan because it's getting way out of hand and annoying. It started when they strictly implemented the "Fair Use Policy". I use my personal hotspot when I want to watch K-Dramas. I can't watch them through my phone, so I usually watch it using my laptop. I would spend the whole day watching dramas without hassle. But when I received the text saying that they will switch my browsing speed to 2G I freaked out! Every month I would get switched to 2G because I always reached their data cap. I have no choice other than to put up with that because my contract will not be up for recontracting yet. But the latest issue is their internet. It first happened during my Instagram liking spree. I love liking photos on Instagram but suddenly when I like a photo it unlikes after a few seconds. I keep liking it again and again but it won't stay liked. I went to Twitter to see if other users are experiencing it too. Turns out they are but only when they're using Globe 3G/LTE, but if they're on WiFi, it's fine. FISHY! Also, the connection is always broken! I keep switching the airplane mode on and off; and re-opening apps because it's losing connection. Like for example, I would retweet/tweet/reply then it won't show up on my timeline. I have to close and re-open the app to finally see my updates on my timeline and to see if there are new tweets.

So, that's it! I reached my boiling point. I officially terminated my postpaid plan yesterday. I'm currently using Globe's prepaid now. I can't use other TelCo right now because I got the phone from Globe, thus it's not an open-line. I need to fix this first to switch to either Smart or Sun. Whichever is the fastest.

I'm currently subscribed to GoSurf 999. It's with 5GB data and 1GB free HOOQ (whatever that is). It's still the same! The connection is always broken. I need to re-open apps to get the connection back or active again. I hate it! 100% crappy service. SO UNRELIABLE.

I'm planning on installing a PLDT high speed plan, but I don't know if it's worth it because there will be a lock-in period again. :( Meaning, if it's sucky then I have to put up with it for 12 months! The good thing is they don't have a data cap! Well, at least, that's what the agent said to me. Any suggestions? What internet provider should I use?
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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sagada Trip 2015

I've been planning to go to Sagada way before the movie "That Thing Called Tadhana" ever became the main reason why everyone is talking about it and making it their next destination. In fact, before I went to Sagada I haven't even watch the movie yet. So, I can't really relate to other tourists who shouted "ayoko na" in Kiltepan Viewpoint.

During my research about Sagada, I found out that all Tourists must register in their Tourism Office before they go about their desired activities. Whether they choose to hire a guide or not, they are required to drop-by the office to be registered and of course pay a P50 fee.
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Monday, February 23, 2015

Depressing One-Sided Love Affairs

These are the books that I read last month. It's actually a sweet surprise because I didn't do any research about these books before I read them but it turned out to be OK.

Norwegian Wood was my first ever read for the year of 2015. It's quite erotic, I must say. It did bother me a little because I don't really like reading these kind of books but I got a few nice quotes out of it and a bit of realizations along the way. I wanted to read it because I found out that Kiko Mizuhara played as Midori in the movie. I like her that's why I was curious to know what her character would be like. While reading the book, I can imagine her as Midori and I haven't even watched the movie yet. /fangirling over Kiko/

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