Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Globe GoSurf Problems

I recently terminated my postpaid plan from Globe TeleCom. It's quite liberating because I've been a postpaid user for 4 years now.

I decided to terminate my plan because it's getting way out of hand and annoying. It started when they strictly implemented the "Fair Use Policy". I use my personal hotspot when I want to watch K-Dramas. I can't watch them through my phone, so I usually watch it using my laptop. I would spend the whole day watching dramas without hassle. But when I received the text saying that they will switch my browsing speed to 2G I freaked out! Every month I would get switched to 2G because I always reached their data cap. I have no choice other than to put up with that because my contract will not be up for recontracting yet. But the latest issue is their internet. It first happened during my Instagram liking spree. I love liking photos on Instagram but suddenly when I like a photo it unlikes after a few seconds. I keep liking it again and again but it won't stay liked. I went to Twitter to see if other users are experiencing it too. Turns out they are but only when they're using Globe 3G/LTE, but if they're on WiFi, it's fine. FISHY! Also, the connection is always broken! I keep switching the airplane mode on and off; and re-opening apps because it's losing connection. Like for example, I would retweet/tweet/reply then it won't show up on my timeline. I have to close and re-open the app to finally see my updates on my timeline and to see if there are new tweets.

So, that's it! I reached my boiling point. I officially terminated my postpaid plan yesterday. I'm currently using Globe's prepaid now. I can't use other TelCo right now because I got the phone from Globe, thus it's not an open-line. I need to fix this first to switch to either Smart or Sun. Whichever is the fastest.

I'm currently subscribed to GoSurf 999. It's with 5GB data and 1GB free HOOQ (whatever that is). It's still the same! The connection is always broken. I need to re-open apps to get the connection back or active again. I hate it! 100% crappy service. SO UNRELIABLE.

I'm planning on installing a PLDT high speed plan, but I don't know if it's worth it because there will be a lock-in period again. :( Meaning, if it's sucky then I have to put up with it for 12 months! The good thing is they don't have a data cap! Well, at least, that's what the agent said to me. Any suggestions? What internet provider should I use?
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