Sunday, February 3, 2013

You're Beautiful

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Ever been trapped in a man's body?

I was hesitant to watch this drama at first but as I go through the drama, it was actually worth it. I actually watched this drama because of Jang Geun Suk. After watching You're My Pet, I developed a tiny crush on him. From You're My Pet to Love Rain to You're Beautiful to The Case of Itaewon Homicide to Baby & Me, and now I'm currently watching Mary Stayed Out All Night! Jang Geun Suk fever!

Not really fond of a drama where the lead actress pretends to be a guy, but I think some people love it. *shrugs* Even though it's just a drama, how can anyone not know that someone might be a girl just dressing up to be a guy? I mean, wouldn't it be obvious? Anyways!

In the drama, A.N.JELL's management company insisted on adding a new vocals in the group. The new addition would be Go Mi Nam but at that time, he had to undergo a surgery for his eyes. Go Mi Nam's manager not wanting to postpone his debut and spoil GMN's dreams of becoming a singer to find his mother, convinced GMN's twin sister, Go Mi Nyu, to dress up as his brother. Of course, as a good sister Go Mi Nyu sacrificed his plans on becoming a nun and instead played as his brother.

Go Mi Nyu from a nun to being Go Mi Nam.

Another drama where it involves an Idol group. South Korea really does love their K-Pop industry, huh? Though A.N.JELL's image is not like other bubblegum Idol groups that I've seen, they're more of a rock band-ish group.

In my opinion, Park Shin-Hye really did a great job playing as Go Mi Nyu or Go Mi Nam(?) in this drama. Since Go Mi Nyu grew up in an orphanage, her character is naive and clueless about most of the stuff that's happening. Her innocent face and small frame fits the character perfectly. You'll eventually get used to her dressed up as a man. When she changed back to a girl, it's awkward when she called Tae Kyung, Hyung-nim!

Ah! Tae Kyung, Shin Woo and Jeremy! I don't want to give out spoilers but I feel hurt every time Go Mi Nam stood up Shin Woo. Whenever Shin Woo invites Go Mi Nam for a date there's always something happening with Tae Kyung.

Especially this scene where Shin Woo asked Go Mi Nam to turn around and see him behind her but all of a sudden Tae Kyung called Go Mi Nam, she didn't got the chance to know that Shin Woo was just behind him all along. Ouch!

I could keep going but that's too much spoiler for you. You have to watch the drama if you really want to know Tae Kyung's past, Jeremy's hidden desire and what will actually happen to Shin Woo's love for Go Mi Nam?

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