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Reply 1997/Answer Me 1997

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"If you hear this. Answer me."

The sound you'll hear is the dial-up internet. Before, people used dial-up internet. People who grew up in those time will still be familiar to the annoying sound when you're trying to connect to the internet, the frustration when the connection failed and you're temper will surely rise when someone picks up the phone while you're using the internet. The most famous line from those days, "Get off the computer, I have to use the phone." Ah! The good old days!

The drama starts in their 2012 school reunion then goes back to 1997 to 2012 to 2013 then back again. You might think you'll get confused but it's actually a smooth transition of flashbacks. In the reunion, one couple will announce their wedding. Hmm? Who could that be?

Reply 1997 also known as Answer Me 1997 is a 2012 South Korean television series that centers on the lives of five friends in Busan. The drama also examines the extreme fan culture that emerged in the 1990s when first generation idol groups such as H.O.T. and Sechs Kies took center stage and K-pop was just blossoming. (via Wikipedia)

This is the second Korean drama that I watched after Love Rain. I saw this drama at TvN already but didn't actually put much thought on it. Mostly because I don't know who the cast were. But when I accidentally watched an episode where Shi-Won (The female lead) said that someone in the reunion will announce their marriage, I got really curious.

It's not really your typical love story where a girl and a boy falls in love with each other and cue the challenges. Nope! It's a story of first loves, unrequited love and sacrifice. It's a light drama but of course there are scenes that may burst your emotions. I got so much feels from watching this drama, whether it be happy feels or sad feels. There was no side steps in this drama, every episode is worth watching and there's realizations along with it. I kinda find the story mature for high school-ers. Is this what high school kids are now? Because I can't remember myself being this mature when I was in high school. Ha-ha!

In this drama, I really admire Shi-Won because she's so tough and sassy. Even in her life as a fan girl, nobody can stop her from doing what she wants not even her dad cutting all her hair. She doesn't even care what others think about her. I'm not like that so maybe I kinda envy her for that. :) And I like the relationship of Shi-Won and Yoon-Jae! Not the typical lovey-dovey couple.

Overall the drama is a must watch! Here are some scenes from the drama! :)

Pictures from Top left to bottom right:
- Yoon-Jae, Joon-Hee, Hak-Chan, Sung-Jae, Yoo-Jung and Shi-Won posing for the camera at their high school reunion.
- Yoo-Jung and Shi-Won watching the TV because of Tony Oppa~
-Shi-Won crying because her dad tore down all her posters of H.O.T.
-Sung-Jae and Joon-Hee laughing because Yoon-Jae lost the bet and now naked and about to do a bet in the field of an all girls school.
-Shi-Won and Yoo-Jung at an H.O.T. concert/fan meeting.
-Yoon-Jae accidentally put her hands on Shi-Won's breast.
-Yoon-Jae staring at Shi-Won
-Shi-Won and Yoon-Jae's older brother.
-Yoon-Jae and Shi-Won's first kiss. :)

Those are some of the scenes in the drama (credits to the owner). And oh, there's one sound effect that really makes me laugh. It's always played during awkward moments in the drama.

Ha-ha! Perfect sound effect when there's an awkward situation! Ha-ha! :)

Thanks to this drama, I am now attracted to Seo In-Guk (Yoon-Jae)! But there is a down side to the characters, because every time I see Eun-Ji of A-Pink, Hoya of Infinite and Eun Ji Won of Sechs Kies, I don't recognized them as Idols. I just see them as their characters in Reply 1997.

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