Saturday, May 10, 2014

Singapore in all its wonder

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Haven't updated my blog for quite a while now. The momentum was lost and now I am trying really hard to get it back. Anyways, I recently went to Singapore and I thought that this would be the perfect time to start blogging again.

Singapore has a diverse culture. It fascinates me at how they manage to harmoniously live together and on top of that maintain a clean and very livable country. I've heard that Singapore has a low unemployment rate and the high cost of living might explain why because they basically need to survive and pay their bills. Like what I found in Twitter:

This trip was quite unexpected as it was rushed and not well planned. It is supposed to be a "graduation gift" :) Though I didn't really asked for it but what the hell, I'll grab every opportunity to travel.

I heard stories about how clean and beautiful Singapore is. I've even read about it in some articles and some of my friends that went there told me that it is indeed a beautiful country to visit. I was hesitant and honestly I was not excited to go there. It all changed the moment I saw their airport. I immediately fell in love with it! How can I not? Changi Airport is awarded by Skytrax as the "Best Airport in Asia" for 2010, 2013 and 2014. Well, that explains everything! I've been to a couple of airports already, like in America their airports almost look standard but everything works fine though Asian airports tend to be more modernized and spacious like Incheon airport. We were in terminal 3, so I didn't get to see how terminal 1 and 2 were like but by just seeing terminal 3, it amazed me at how organized and well-maintained the airport facilities were. Unlike, our Philippine airports which has a lot of maintenance issues (ehem!). That's why when we got back from SG, I noticed the rotten ceiling, the broken travelator, the scotched taped counter windows and the unorganized sign boards in NAIA terminal 3 which I wouldn't have noticed before. But we're not talking about that are we? So, going back to Changi Airport, their travelators are all working, signs directing you where to go next are clear and visible to everyone, there are gardens set in different area of the airport, a movie theater that shows up to date movies, free massages, snooze zones, of course duty free, koi ponds and so much more!

As usual, we need to go through Immigration.

If you need to exchange your currency to SGD, you can find this in different places inside Changi Airport. They also sell SIM cards but take note that you can't use it if your phone is locked to a certain teleco company.

The hotel that we booked in didn't have any free shuttle to pick us up. But, we decided not to take the taxi because it was expensive. Yes, it is metered but there are still an additional fee on top of that. So, we opted for the airport shuttle bus instead. It can bring us to our hotel plus it is way cheaper. :) Money saved. $_$

This is their airport shuttle bus:

The roads are impeccable and so much greenery. :) Sad to say that my phone did not do them justice. But I'll try to upload the video for a better feel to it.

The shuttle dropped us off at Holiday Inn Atrium. The hotel will be on a different blog post! Wait for it, it's gonna be legen...

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