Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Case of Itaewon Homicide

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Yes, yes, I watched the movie because of Jang Geun Suk but I was also intrigued about this movie. Before I watched the movie, I researched about it and found out that the movie was based on a true homicide case and it was still unsolved. I'm a sucker for "based on a true story" movies. So, I searched it on SUBBED DRAMAS and MOVIES!!! and fortunately it was there!

During the movie, I was wondering how the director pictured the scenes. There are the suspects statements and descriptions of the events but of course we really don't know what really happened during the murder and court trials. The prosecutor playing in the movie, is it really the prosecutors story of the whole murder case or was it just fictional stories? That got me confused. Anyways,

This movie will really make you wonder who the killer is. The case re-opened last year because there were evidence that leads to Arthur Patterson as being the killer. I actually thought it was Edward Lee but who knows? Some people really doesn't like to confess about their wrong doings. I just pity the family who lost their brother/son.

BTW, Some scenes were in English because Arthur and Edward grew up in the US. There were other scenes that I really had to look at the subtitles because I can't understand them even if they were conversing in English. Ha-ha! Sorry, JGS!

I hope the killer will be in jail this year! Justice for the family of Jo Jong-Pil!

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