Sunday, January 13, 2013

Them boys brings all the girls in the yard

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Once in my life, I've been addicted to dancing hunks! Ah, yes! It was one of the greatest points of my life. I've even dreamed about meeting them and actually dancing with them. But sadly, my obsession with them faded until it was completely gone. Maybe because of their laziness to upload new choreography on YouTube. Ha-ha!  They took so long to update, I got bored so, shifted to a much chaotic obsession. I'll talk about that on the succeeding posts. But for now, I want to introduce to y'all my one and only dancing machines!

The ArchiTEKS!

Enjoy the sweaty armpits of the boys, those tight slacks, the facial expressions, their uncontrollable tongues, sweaty backs and shoulders, eye contact through the camera and it's not only the slacks that were tight, also their choreography! Steamy!

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