Monday, June 24, 2013


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Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I last checked with my blogspot. To be honest, I wasn't really excited to open my account but the 201 views in my stats really caught my attention. So now, I decided to blog again. And I found out that I can download Blogger on my phone. Isn't that amazing?! :)

You might be wondering what is the meaning of my blog title. Well, it means "it's been awhile." :) Been trying to learn Hangul so I decided to incorporate it here in my comeback post.

I watched many K-dramas already. I want to slowly share my thoughts here but let me gather my wits first. Not blogging for so long really does affect one's mind. But I'm here to try my best again for everyone. :) Let's do this K-poppers! Fighting!

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